Eco-MERCH By Amazon |Dress Healthy Call-To-Action|

Eco-MERCH By Amazon |Dress Healthy Call-To-Action|

Many of us are becoming more socially conscious and aware about the world we live in now, more than ever! Its paramount that we take a closer look at the clothing we wear everyday. Collectively we need to change our standards of consumption and educate people in ways to "Dress Healthy".

The textile industry is also the second largest consumer of water behind oil. By 2030, the demand for water will exceed the supply by 40% and cause more pollution to our land, water, and air. Additional, today's clothing (a $7 trillion/year industry) is manufactured using an astounding 8,000 synthetic chemicals. For a half-century skin and chemicals have been interacting creating problems like infertility, respiratory diseases, contact dermatitis, and cancer.This is a new kind of sustainable fashion system that can create value for people, planet, and profit. This system can also promote greater product satisfaction through better quality and longer- lasting products. It can promote well-being and happiness through less materialistic consumption, e.g. by offering experiences through sharing, swapping, lending, updating or do-it-yourself fashion. We can learn to invest in higher quality and more sustainable products, use them longer, own less, and take good care of our possessions. Additionally, such a system can mean more social justice and better working conditions for textile factory workers, while slowing the system it is possible to increase the end price of the product and invest in better factories.

For the environment through cleaner production and perhaps even less industrial production and waste, the benefits for slower cycles are clear. For businesses new models to make profit in an environmentally beneficial way have to be created. Dress Healthy system will allow all stakeholders and investors to recognize their collective impact on the global textile industry. This stamp signifies the importance of education, community, and environmental sustainability for future generations.

Our customers will have the opportunity to make a personal contribution into their community and around the world. In addition to these contributions, participants are changing themselves, their community, and THE WORLD. This will create a unique way towards community development and raise consciousness to save our planet, as well as establishing economic prosperity in urban areas of world


Dress Healthy is a call-to-action for Amazon to educate, train, and research sustainable/alternative textiles and materials to create eco-friendly alternatives on it's "Merch by Amazon" (MBA) platform. Additionally, we want Amazon to create innovative techniques and strategies to recycle apparel that will be reusable for MBA merchants and consumers. The goal of our call-to-action is committed to educated and promote the importance of ”dressing healthy”. So we will re-introduce eco-conscious methods through the use of natural materials. We plan on bringing about awareness of climate change and its importance. If you REALLY value this issue click the shirts in the BLOG to purchase! Next time you’re shopping on Amazon look out for our clothing and in  the reviews section,TYPE: DRESS HEALTHY or GET OFF THE BLOCK





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