Social media has been a buzzing warning residents of Los Angeles, California about the 100 Days and 100 Nights Hashtag that surfaced after a 27-year-old black man was gunned down in South Los Angeles. One showed a man flashing a chrome handgun from his jacket pocket. In another, a young man held a pistol in each hand. This so called "Gang Violence" intensified across social media as with spree of violence occurred  after more than half a dozen shootings in South L.A. left one man dead and 12 people wounded, According to L.A. Times.  CLlCK PHOTO TO READ MORE:
#100Days100Nights Challenge
To counter attack this plague of violence that is keeping people in a state of fear for their lives in the Los Angeles area of South Central. We are launching our GET OFF THE BLOCK #100Days100Nights challenge to bring about awareness to what is happening in Los Angeles and to prevent it from happening any longer. Let us bring some positive light to the negative exposure this #100Days100Night has brought to our community. Social media can be a powerful tool to influence non-violence in our local communities. Lets challenge this hashtag and challenge all gang members, drug dealers, police officers, etc to STOP THE VIOLENCE for #100Days100Nights.
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We ask all our supporters to push this challenge on their social media platforms. We need to focus our attention on whats happening in our communities across the nation. Black on Black crime is a major problem within urban areas of society. Its time to we become the solution to those issue that exist, instead of standing around letting it happen. We challenge all our supporter to begin taking responsibility and Place Your Print On The World by  taking a pledge for GET OFF THE BLOCK #100Days100Nights and post our image twice a day on your social media platform and leave a comment on the bottom of this page stating "I PLEDGE #GOTB #100Days#100Nights."
1) When you wake up
2) before you go to sleep.
Its time that we STAND UP and say " Enough is Enough!!!!" #GETOFFTHEBLOCK
Sign Up by commenting on this page at the bottom. will send you a t-shirt and posters to change your block
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This is such a controversial topic. However, let’s turn the negative propaganda into positive progression for our communities. We can Do This! Before we can Build with each other. We have to not Kill each other. #iPledgeGOTB #100Days100Nights

Gregory Rogers

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