Get Off The Block Scholarship Program raising funds with Cryptocurrencies.

Get Off The Block Scholarship Program raising funds with Cryptocurrencies.

Our organization is proud to announce that we will be accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and donations to help fund our 2021-2022 Get Off The Block Scholarship Program. Additionally, cryptocurrencies will help us move closer to our goal to equalize private scholarship funds for students of African Diaspora. 

GUAP is a next level initiative that infuses the “Buy Black” movement with blockchain technology to incentivize the Black community to invest in itself. This approach has aligned GOTB Scholarship program with Guapcoin blockchain ecosystem to produce this outcome promptly. It is our hopes that integrating blockchain technologies with our organization mission will extend the scale of our scholarship program.

GUAP’s primary mission is to provide a sound and revolution- ary economic base for the underserved, underprivileged, and financially uneducated minority community. We have adopted the term “Buy Black” to reflect the socio-political movement most pertinent to our community, but the underserved com- munity encompasses a wide array of cultures, shades, languag- es, and ethnic groups around the globe.

GUAP's secondary mission is to educate the undeserved communities on the usage of cryptocurrency and its application in our new economy. Cryptocurrency is not something to be learned from the sidelines, it is some-thing that needs to be learned in full practicum. GUAP seeks to educate its market on Blockchain and spark a revolution within our common consumer patterns. It may only begin with GUAP, but it will end with a solid network fueled by the blockchain and it will surely give birth to many more applications that will enrich our economy.

GUAP coined the phrase “Tokenizing Black Spending” as a means to capture our spending and show us the power of our dollars. It is a de- centralized platform with a built in governance that gives black owned businesses the weight of commercial authority, and utilizes them to underpin the network. GUAP will ultimately evolve into a blockchain that will be widely adopted everywhere hence we have coined the motto “Good Uses for All People”.

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