Get Off The Block Program; one of the charitable arms of Skytopian Umbrella Title I CDC, Inc announces the Get Off The Block Scholarship Awards Program. Under the Program, $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to seniors attending a high school in the city of Savannah, Georgia and Jacksonville Florida.



To put minority students on an equal footing would require increasing annual private scholarship awards for African-American students by $83 millions students by Latino students by $197 million. 

Equalizing just the probability of receiving a private scholarship without changing the average scholarship amount per recipient would require increasing total private scholarship $319 million for African Americans and Latinos.

Uganda Forever

SkyLyfe Inc. created a holistic educational program for at-risk students in Uganda. Our goal is to develop a sustainable approach that provides free education, materials, and clothing to impoverished students in Uganda. 


This is a new kind of sustainable fashion system that can create value for people, planet, and profit. This system can also promote greater product satisfaction through better quality and longer-lasting products. It can promote well-being and happiness through less materialistic consumption, e.g. by offering experiences through sharing, swapping, lending, updating or do-it-yourself fashion.