SKYLYFE DOCTRINE- Simply Know Yourself, Live Your Full Existence


First, we must begin by the way we treat ourselves, meaning the person you see in the mirror every day. We cannot fight crime, injustices, racism, and climate change until we change these things about ourselves. It starts with what you can do to be of service to yourself before you attempt to be of service to others.  A key example is when the oxygen mask comes out on an aircraft and the safety precautions advised you to put your mask before you help your child and/or neighbor.  This philosophy encourages this process so eventually one day you can truly become capable to aid another human being without being a hypocrite or jeopardizing your life. Hypocritical actions lead to a loss of productivity and more importantly destruction. - LOYALTY


The definition of perfection is -the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. Our eyes, tongues, minds, and hearts, has told us we aren't perfect human beings, and this isn't a perfect world. Today, let us see speak, think, and act with our souls.  This is the gateway to realize we are perfect and this is a perfect world for our time. Inspire yourself every day to start living is a state of BEING and break the chains of instant gratification, self-hate, and ego to determine your fate and who you are.  It’s time to cast away the internal and external voices that tear us apart from the truth of who we are as individuals.  We can cut the disease of self- doubt, psychological deprivation, and meaningless worth that casts a shadow over our enlightenment.  We all possess the perfect opportunity to grow the inner and outer dimensions for the betterment of the world and inside our community. The wool is now being pulled back from over our eyes so you can see the truth about yourself and the world we live in. We should treat, speak, act, think, and approach life with the purist mindset. Then consciously the world will naturally become more prosperous. This will allow crime, racism, poverty, and pollution to never exist again.- POWER


We live in a society that has become disjointed from our true heritage and purpose. We have allowed this monetary system to control the way we construct our daily lives. We let fear of the unknown limit our imagination to think differently. Furthermore, we have allowed ourselves to believe no other way can exist and this is how it’s supposed to be. Let’s begin to design an alternative world, a world without an unequal quality of life where children, teenagers, and adults can have equal opportunity which is not based on income, status, race, or region. Let’s open the doors globally to allow our international counterparts to join in and educate each other about our beliefs and cultural differences in order gain understanding. Let’s us provide opportunities for the teenager on the street corner with NO WAY OUT! Let’s show this individual the way through our actions and example.  Let’s build businesses that cater to the community and environmental growth of human existence through technology, economic development, and cultural diversity.  Let’s become the solution by complementing our earth by using the resources that it provides instead of destroying them. Let’s not abuse the living creatures that walk this earth for greed because the earth provides every human being the necessary resources to live prosperous without being in the hands of the 1%. Lastly, become the cure for every disease that exists inside our world. Billions of people died every day from a preventative disease and we cannot let money, greed, and power choose between who lives and dies. -RESPECT